New Facial Cleansing Brush Deep Pore Face Clean Brush Soft Fiber Facial Brush


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Superfine&soft synthetic hair

antibiosis and antianaphylaxis.

Color: White,Beige,Pink,Green,Yellow,Blue,Black

(Please leave me a note about color preference, or we will ship in random)

Miracle of Deep Cleaning by fine brush!
Soft fine brush hair deeply cleans pore waste, blackhead,sebum....
It is mush cleaner to use pore brush than just washing face with hands.
Evenly distributed pressures from artificial brush hair minimizes irritation on the skin.
Deep cleaning without skin irritation.

Handle material: Plastic,anti-water. soft touch paint coated.
Hair material: Super soft and fine Artificial fiber.

How to use:

1. Rub facial cleanser or soap with clean wash brush and make foams.
2. Rub face softly with clean wash brush drawing circles for about 2 minutes. Make sure you rub softly. Too much pressure might irritate skin.
3. Wash face with clean water.
4. Wash the brush after use, press the brush softly to force water out and then dry the brush in the air.

Package Includes:1x Facial cleansing brush 


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